Happe Medium: Terms & Conditions


1. All creative work is protected under Copyright Law. All rights reserved with Anthony Kotowicz for original work.

2. Anthony Kotowicz is the sole creator and owner of all materials, properties, elements, assets, artworks and other creative media, including the name ‘Happe’ (‘Happe Medium’, ‘Happe Illustration’, ‘Happe Design’ and any other related names); all characters, backgrounds, props and all material not specifically considered ‘characters’ or ‘backgrounds’, referred to on this site as ‘Stuff & Things’, as well as all other creative work created by Anthony Kotowicz

3. Anthony Kotowicz retains and reserves all rights to all creative work under ‘Happe’ which can be used in any way deemed fit by Anthony Kotowicz.

4. Any creative material made especially for customised illustrations and or designs is able to be reused by Anthony Kotowicz in any way at any time. This includes all ‘Characters’, ‘Backgrounds’ and additional ‘Stuff & Things’.

5. Any and all material created by Anthony Kotowicz must not be repeated, reused, copied, edited or sold in any way without specific written permission granted by Anthony Kotowicz. Any misuse or unauthorised use of any material created by Anthony Kotowicz will result in legal action being taken to the full extent of the law.

6. Illustrations and designs created specifically for clients (on a freelance or contracted basis) hold a Limited License. They are to be used for their original purposes only, as specified within the ‘brief’, and may not be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to, that which Anthony Kotowicz deems inappropriate or unauthorised. Written permission must be given by Anthony Kotowicz to use any creative work outside of what was originally intended for said elements.

7. Quotes for freelance or contracted work are subject to change given any changes or additional information and details are provided to fulfil the requirements of the work outside the originally provided brief. As a result of any amends requested or required, originally quoted timings and therefore costings to client may be amended by Anthony Kotowicz in order to provide that which is requested and to fulfil the brief to the satisfaction of the client in terms of the brief and its amends.

8. Creative work which utilises known brands are for promotional and or referential use only and is not for sale.

9. Portfolio work, as seen here (Illustration) or here (Design) are for display only and are not for sale. Any unauthorised copying, editing, or otherwise use of these works will result in legal action being taken to the full extent of the law.

10. Quotes, including deliverables, timings and costs for saleable items or services, as well as the Terms & Conditions as stated on this page and on relevant documents, are subject to change without prior notice. Any changes will be explained upon request.

11. The terms, ‘Cartoonify’, ‘Cartoonified’, ‘Cartoonification’ as well as all other related derivatives and variations of those terms, especially for the ‘Cartoonified Companions’ product/service provided by Happe Medium, is first used and owned by Anthony Kotowicz.

12. ‘Happe™’ is pending Trademark. ‘Happe’ represents a high-level-quality standard of products and services in the graphical/illustration/design industry. ‘Happe’ relates to ‘Happe Medium’, ‘Happe Illustration’, ‘Happe Design’, ‘Happe Animation’ and any and all other uses with the prefix, ‘Happe’.

‘Happe’ and all related properties are Registered Trademarks